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When saving for retirement, it is essential to start early , the best time is when you have your first full-time job, and continue saving and investing throughout your lifetime. JBG can assist you with 401(k)’s, qualified retirement plans, and deferred pension and profit sharing.

We are also happy to help with the 10 most difficult decisions regarding your retirement. The answers to these questions will have a profound impact on the quality of your retirement life:

  • When to retire
  • When and how to claim your Social Security, there are many options
  • Health coverage
  • How much you can safely spend each year
  • How much investment risk is right for you
  • When to pay taxes
  • Where to live
  • Whether your home should help to finance your retirement
  • Whether to keep working
  • How much should I save for my retirement each year
  • How will my portfolio handle a market correction

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