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15 Important questions a custom Family Retirement Plan written by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, can answer for you and your family.

1) How soon can I comfortably retire?

2) When should I begin taking my Social Security?

3) How much will Social Security pay me at my full retirement age?

4) If I delay taking my Social Security how much will it increase?

5) How much will my 401k account be worth when I reach full retirement age?

6) How much will I be able to draw from it on a monthly basis during my retirement?

7) How should my 401K plan be invested today based on my age and risk tolerance?

8) How much should I be contributing into my work’s retirement plan?

9) How much can I contribute into my IRA or my spouse’s IRA even if I am contributing at work?

10) Should I consolidate my old 401Ks and IRA accounts?

11) How should I be investing in my IRAs today?

12) What riders does my Annuity have and how do they help me?

13) How does my Annuity grow in value?

14) When do I need to apply for Medicare?

15) Will I need to relocate to retire comfortably?

These are some of the many questions we help families answer.

Jack Biedebach is a Certified Financial Planner™ and has been creating plans for individuals and families for 14 years. As a CFP he is a Fiduciary and thereby obligated to always place the client’s interest ahead of all other. Jack charges $1,500 to review your current situation, create a Family Retirement plan for you, present it to you and keep it updated over a three-year period.

Please call the JBG Wealth Management Office @ (844) 524-1231 to schedule a consultation meeting in the office or over the phone at your convenience.

Thank you.
Jack A. Biedebach, CFP®
LPL Financial Advisor

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